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  1. Ajwain (Carom Seeds)

    Ajwain (Carom Seeds) is an Indian origin spice utilized in the preparation of various cuisines. It is an annual herb which belongs to the family Apiaceae. This seed is oval in shape having bitter & pungent taste. Due to the presence of thymol, it smells exactly like thyme. It is known to provide instant relief from acidity & indigestion, treats common cold, helps in relieving toothache, cleanse wounds, stops graying of hair, and can act as a mosquito repellent.
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  2. Black Pepper

    Black Pepper is produced from unripe drupes of its plant that are cooked briefly in hot water in order to clean & prepare for drying. This treatment results in the rupturing of cell wall which initiates in the speeding of browning enzymes. It is widely used as a spice & seasoning while food preparation, over pizza, & raw fruits. This pepper is considered as a rich source of copper, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, & riboflavin. It also possesses some antibacterial & antioxidant properties and improved the absorption of nutrients in the body.
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  3. Green Cardamom

    Green Cardamom is an aromatic seasoning which belongs to Zingiberaceae family. It finds its application as a flavoring agent for both food & beverages. Having black colored small seeds, cardamom has unique & strong taste with intense fragrance. It is comprised of several essential oils including alpha terpineol, myrcene, & Limonene. Cardamom is greatly admired for improving sexual health due to its aphrodisiac property which releases nerve stimulants, treating hiccups & sore throat, and for enhancing oral health.
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  4. Cinnamon Stick (Dalchini)

    Cinnamon Stick (Dalchini) is a spice obtained from inner bark of trees that belong to Cinnamomum genus. It is utilized as an aromatic additive in the sweet & savory dishes, snacks, & traditional foods. This spice is comprised of high amount of dietary fibers & carbohydrates with vitamin K, calcium, & iron. It possesses antimicrobial properties which is known to benefit skin by curing acne, pimples, & blemishes. Cinnamon also stimulates hair growth, relieves pain, reduces cholesterol, & aids in menstruation.
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  5. Dry Cloves

    Dry Cloves are the aromatic spices received as flower buds from a tree which belongs to the family Myrtaceae. Apart from the culinary uses, it is known to have several medicinal properties as well. Cloves provide instant relief from toothache, nausea & vomiting, and sinusitis, treats morning sickness, and has antioxidant properties as well. It is comprised of eugenol, which finds application in the preparation of toothpaste, perfumes, cosmetics, & soap.
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  6. Whole Coriander Seeds

    Whole Coriander Seeds consist of terpenes linalool & pinene which provides them lemony citrus flavor. They are light brown colored seeds that are commonly used in the kitchen as spice. These are known to have excellent amount of iron, selenium, calcium, dietary fiber, magnesium, & manganese. They help in controlling the blood sugar level, facilitate hair growth, improve digestion, and prevent menstrual irregularities. Their unique aromatic flavor is the result of the presence of essential volatile oils & fatty acids.
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  7. Cumin Seeds

    Cumin Seeds are utilized as an ingredient in the preparation of various cuisines all around the world. They are derived from a flowering plant which belongs to the Apiaceae family & Cuminum cyminum species. These seeds appear as brown colored spindle shaped structure having length of about 5mm. They are comprised of cuminaldehyde, cymene, & terpenoids as volatile compounds that impart their aroma. These seeds provide relief & treat digestive problems, cure piles, prevent diabetes, and treats insomnia.
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  8. Fennel Seeds

    Fennel Seeds have green colored grooved structure with length ranging from 4 to 10 mm. They are the aromatic spices that consist of trans-anethole & estragole, fenchone, and 1-octen-3-ol volatile compounds. These seeds are used in the preparation of various cuisines and can also be eaten raw. They are known to be beneficial for breastfeeding women, treats bad breathe, increase breast growth, cure edema, aids in hernia treatment, and boost fertility.
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  9. Dry Ginger

    Dry Ginger is generally used to either pulverize it or for preparing pickles. It contains good amount of vitamin B6, magnesium, & manganese. This is known to reduce obesity, cure headache, indigestion, diarrhea, stomach pain, arthritis, toothache, & throat infection. It is known to alleviate chemotherapy-induced nausea & vomiting. Ginger is also added to tea to enhance its taste which also relieves inflammation & motion sickness.
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  10. Raw Turmeric

    Whole Raw Turmeric is used as a vegetable and also as one of the main spices utilized in the kitchen as a powdered form. It is used as a coloring agent while preparing numerous cuisines, pickles, sweet dishes, and biryani. Turmeric is known to beneficial in the treatment of several internal disorders including throat infections, indigestion, liver ailments, and common colds. It is comprised of curcuminoids including demethoxycurcumin, curcumin, & bisdemethoxycurcumin. This spice has anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties, prevents neurological & heart disease, and promotes brain health.
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  11. Turmeric Powder

    Turmeric Powder has yellow colored appearance having finely grinded particles of uniform size. It is used as a coloring & flavoring agent in numerous cuisines. This powder possesses some antioxidant properties which help in delaying skin aging caused by errors in DNA replication, enhances immunity, detoxifies liver, reduces menstrual pain, and works as a natural antiseptic. It is comprised of good amounts of carbohydrates, protein, essential oils, and dietary minerals.
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  12. Mustard Seeds

    Mustard Seeds are round black to yellowish white in color having thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin E & K, and niacin. They are utilized while preparing different varieties of pickles, spicy fish dishes, and preparation of vegetables. These seeds help in treatment of cancer, rheumatic arthritis, migraine, nightshades, congestion, and prevents disease. Mustard oil is utilized for body massage during winters as it keeps body warm. They also consist good amount of magnesium, phosphorus, & potassium.
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