Fresh Fruits

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  1. Green Banana

    Green Banana is partially ripened or unripened fruit which is used for preparing gravies, curries, and some snacks including chips. It is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin B6 & C, potassium, resistant starch, and probiotic bacteria. This banana is known to help in controlling blood sugar, lowering cholesterol level, aids in weight loss, manages optimum BP level, and for promoting heart health. It also strengthens your stomach and digestive syste
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  2. Fresh Cherries

    Fresh Cherries are the type of stone fruits that have small round bright red colored appearance. Belongs to the genus Prunus, they are widely cultivated as sweet & sour cherries. This fruit is known to have good amount of carbohydrates, protein, dietary fibers, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, & calcium. Comprised of about 82% water, it contains antioxidants including anthocyanins & cyanidins that protect our cells from damage caused by oxidants.
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  3. Dry Coconuts

    Dry Coconuts are widely used as garnishing, flavoring, & aromatic agents in the preparation of numerous sweet dishes. They are also utilized for making coconut paste which is consumed with South Indian cuisines including idli & dosa. These consist of several structural layers which include an embryo, endosperm, seed coat, and shell. They are highly appreciated to promote heart health, improve brain functioning, boost immunity, prevent infertility in men, & reduces the risk of cancer.
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  4. Goose berry

    Goose Berry is generally a green colored small & spherical fruit, which can also be availed in red, yellow & white variants. It has a sour taste and is used for preparing sweet amla candies, pickles, & as a vegetable. This berry is known to be a great source of vitamin C and contains about 88% water, 10% carbohydrates, & 1% of fat & protein. It is also utilized for making jams, flavored soda, water, tea, & fruit wines.
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  5. Fresh Amla

    Fresh Amla belongs to the species of Ribes and is scientifically known as Ribes grossularia. It is a green colored fruit having 6 vertical stripes on its body with a hard seed inside. This amla has astringent & sour taste and is one of the main ingredients of Triphala churna. It is known to enhance the growth of reproductive tissues in both male & female, improves eye sight, provides relief from stress, fight infections, and reduces skin irritation & blemishes.
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  6. Green Coconuts

    Green Coconuts are widely known for their water present in the inner most part surrounded by numerous layers. 100ml of coconut water provides about 19 calories & 4% of carbohydrates and is highly beneficial for dengue patients. They are comprised of a hard green colored outer shell known as exocarp with pure white internal part. These are known to be rich in minerals, electrolytes, sodium, & potassium and are also prescribed by doctors as a natural medication for rehydration.
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  7. Kesar Mango

    Kesar Mango is grown & cultivated around Gir Sanctuary, Gujarat in the districts of Junagadh & Amrelli. It has bright orange colored pulp and is known to have distinct irresistible aroma with sweet taste. This fruit is also used for preparing shake, juice, pudding, and candies. It is comprised of a medium sized seed at the center which has small attached fibers. Mango is known to improve eye health, prevent cancer, and clear clogged pores & pimples from skin.
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  8. Alphonso Mangoes

    Alphonso Mangoes are one of the delicious fruits grown mainly in western India where each unit weighs around 150 to 300 grams. They are low in fiber content and have rich, creamy, & tender texture. Completely ripened fruit appears bright golden yellow in color having red tinge on their top. They contain good amount of vitamin A, choline, pantothenic acid, potassium, phosphorus, & calcium. These mangoes help to prevent cardiovascular diseases, lower blood cholesterol level, and provide excellent benefits during pregnancy.
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  9. Fresh Mango

    Fresh Mango is a juicy stone fruit which belongs to the genus Mangifera and can be availed in various colors including green & different shades of yellow. It is considered as the “King of fruits” due to its mouth watering taste and various health benefits. Unripened mango is used for the preparation of pickles & chutney, whereas completely ripened fruit is utilized for making smoothies, ice creams, flavored buttermilk, and various sweets.
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  10. Fresh Papaya

    Fresh Papaya is big light orange to yellow colored fruit having numerous black seeds at the center. It is comprised of a cervix, endometrium, fundus, & external Os in its cut section. Belongs to the Carica papaya species, this fruit can be eaten raw after removing the skin & seeds. Its unripened green colored form is utilized in salads, curries, & stews. This fruit is known to provide various health benefits including reduction of harmful bacteria from body, has anti-cancer property, and helps to prevent arthritis.
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  11. Fresh Pomegranate

    Fresh Pomegranate is a round bright red colored fruit having an outer hard pericarp cover and inner spongy mesocarp. It is comprised of red colored arils, each having a seed attached to its inner wall. This fruit can be eaten raw and finds its application in the formulation of alcoholic beverages, cooking, and preparation of juice & smoothies. It is rich in punicalagins, punicic acid & vitamin C and is known to boost skin health, improves hair, reduces the risk of heart attack, and also aids in the treatment of diabetes.
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  12. Fresh Banana

    Fresh Banana has off-white to cream colored pulp having yellow colored thick skin which can easily be peeled using hands. It can also be availed having green colored fruit which is its unripened form used to make chutney & and can also be utilized as a vegetable. This is a seedless fruit which is botanically considered as a berry. It consists of about 23% of carbohydrates, 1% protein, and moderate amount of manganese & dietary fiber. Banana possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is known to strengthen bones, treat piles & ulcers, & reduces constipation.
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  13. Fresh Rambutan

    Fresh Rambutan is cultivated in warm tropical conditions having temperature range of around 22-30 degree Celsius. It appears as a red colored hairy fruit with pinkish cream colored pulp. This fruit contains various phenolic acids, moderate amount of manganese, and saturated & unsaturated fatty acids. Its mesmerizing fragrance is due to the presence of cinnamic & phenylacetic acids, beta-damascenone, & vanillin. It is helpful during pregnancy, enhances bone health, can aid in the prevention of cancer, and is known for its antibacterial & antiseptic properties.
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